Golden retrievers are our great love regardless of their country of origin. That is why we turn to you, dog lovers of this breed around the world, with information about our activities.

The WARTA GOLDENA FOUNDATION (or ‘the Golden Retriver Watch’) – these are people with hearts of gold, for whom helping golden retrievers has been an unrelenting mission of adding value to their lives and those of the dogs for 10 years. These people have been giving their time, care and homes for a decade now to ensure a better life for golden retrievers. They will go out of their way to travel across Poland to give a new lease of life to the dogs. They may also find a companion, a soul mate and a friend for life in our circle of golden retriever carers.

The WARTA GOLDEN FOUNDATION takes care of dogs that have experienced a lot of evil. They were unwanted, unloved, and even beaten. We’re talking about dogs that were bred for profit, or given in a gift which the new owner got bored with just because it grew too fast or got into some mischief. They are also dogs which, due to the difficult situation of their owners, are sometimes forced to leave their current home. Ever since the Foundation started, we have managed to change the lives for over 600 dogs. However, we know that there are more dogs waiting for help all over Poland, so we try to do all that is in our power to continue our help.

This would not be possible without people of good heart who support the Foundation financially. Money is an integral part of help. Without it our hands are tied. The fate of our dogs depends on human kindness and sacrifice. Thanks to your support we can carry on helping the dogs. We appeal to all people and companies who are not indifferent to the fate of poor golden retrievers for help and financial support:
our account number is

PL45 2130 0004 2001 0576 8023 0001 SWIFT INGBPLPW